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Model Weight w/
muffler (oz.)
Prop RPM Static
Thrust (oz.)
thrust to wgt. $ per oz. thrust  Documentation
OS .12 CZ-R   car motor         User Manual, Carburetor Manual, Parts Lists
Exceed RC .16   car motor         User Manual
OS .40 FP 12.0 APC 10x6 10,400 49 oz. 4.1 $1.29 User Manual, Carburetor Manual, Mounting Template, Safety Warning
OS .46 SF 16.0 APC 10x8 14,400 59 oz. 3.7 $1.95 User Manual, Carburetor ManualABC parts list, Ringed Parts List
OS .61 FX 25.0           User Manual, OS .61 FX exploded view
OS FS-70 Surpass 21.0 APC 14x4W   142 oz. 6.8 $1.48 User Manual, OS FS-70 II exploded view
OS FS-91 FS with & w/o pump 22.6 Master Airscrew 14x7   161 oz 7.1 $1.55
User Manual, OS FS-91 II exploded view, parts list
OS FS-120 Surpass with Pump & C12 Carburetor 33.8 Master Airscrew 18x6 12,000       User Manual
Magnum .61 FS 16.0 APC 13x4W   87 oz 5.4 $1.72 User Manual, Operating Manual, Magnum Engine Guidelines
Magnum .91 FS 22.6 Master Airscrew 15x6 10,000 145 oz. 6.4 $1.38 User Manual (all docs), Exploded View,
Operating Instructions, Operating Instructions Supplement, Maintenance, Quick Start, Magnum Engine Guidelines
SuperTiger .45 18.4 APC 11x6         User Manual, Exploded View
Saito .72 FS 16.6 APC 13x4W   475 oz. 7.6 $1.78  

Electric Motors:

Model Weight w/ controller (oz.) Prop RPM Static Thrust (oz.)  Documentation
AXI 2212/26 2.5 APC 10x4.7 SF 6500 24 w/ TP1320-3S Axi Motor, JETI Controller
Hyperion 2213/24 2.5 APC 10x4.7 SF 6600 24 w/ TP1320-3S Hyperion Z-Series, Z2213-24 Datasheet, Hyperion Controller
AXI vs Hyperion Comparison RPM vs Time (TP1320) RPM vs Time (Kokam 1250)   raw data (Excel_format)  
AXI 2814-12   APC 12x6e   59 w/ TP210-3S1P  
GP T-280GD         User Manual
WattAge IC-380AS .8 oz. 6-12V, 5-10 cell BEC 30A ESC Datasheet
Pirhana Digital Peak Charger 1-8 cell NiCd, NiMH 12VDC
10 memoriy presets User Manual
Great Planes Triton Battery Charger Computerized charger, discharger, cycler NiCd, NiMH, Li-Po, Pb 12VDC 10 memories, cycles up to 10 times User Manual, Flyer
Apache Smart Charger 2500 1-4 cell 250-2500 mAh 1C charge 10.5V-15V input User Manual, Notes1, Notes2
Hyperion Li-Po Balancer - LBA6 2-5 cell monitors charge rates to 6A   balances to <0.02V User Manual. Instruction Manual
ThunderPower 1320mAh Li-Po 85 gms.
3.0 oz.
13C (17A) cont
20C (27A) burst
3 cell, 11.1V 34mm x 65mm x 19mm Safety Instructions and Warnings

Radio Control:

Model No. Channels User Mixes Built-in mixes Modulation  Documentation
Futaba 6EXA 6 2 3 PPM Futaba 6EXA manual (2MB), Quick Reference Card
Futaba 7UAF 7 2 3 PCM/PPM Futaba 7UAF Manual (2MB)
Futaba 9CAPS 9 6 9 PCM/PPM Futaba 9CAPS Manual (9MB)
Futaba 9ZHP-WC2 9 6 9 PCM/PPM Futaba 9ZHP-WC2 Manual (7MB),Futaba 9Z Service Menu and Mode Change (1MB),Futaba 9Z Workshop Manual (1MB)
Futaba 6EX (2.4GHz) 6 2 3 FASST Futaba 6EX (2.4 GHz) Manual (2MB), RC Universe Review
Futaba 14SG 14 5 14 FASST Futaba 14SG Manual (4.1MB)
JR XP783 7 6 6 PCM/PPM JR XP783 Manual (5MB)
Futaba FP-136G landing gear servo low profile 76.4 0.50 sec/60 Datasheet
180deg servo mod S134 servo       instructions article
Cirrus Micro Joule 3 + ESC     PPM/SC Operation Sheet
Cirrus ESC-S5A1         Battery Cutoff
CS-3 Micro Joule Servo micro servo        
FMA506FM Receiver 6     PPM Manual
FMA M5v2 Receiver 5     PPM Manual

Model Airplanes & Helicopters:

Model wing span weight Wing Loading oz./sq.ft. Engine  Comments
Sr. Telemaster 100 in 14 lbs. 0 oz. 23.0 OS FS-91 II  
Telemaster 40   5 lbs. 10oz.   Magnum XL 61 FS  
Mini Telemaster       AXI 2212/26  
Sig Kadet LT 40   5lbs. 7oz.   Magnum XL 61 FS  
Right Flyer 40T       Magnum XL 61 FS  
Funtana 40S   6 lbs. 11oz.   Magnum XL 91 FS  
Goldberg Cub       Magnum XL 61 FS  
Goldberg Tiger II       OS .46SF  
Goldberg Tiger 60       2 x Magnum XL61 FS  
Goldberg Mirage 550       Hyperion 2213/24  
Great Planes UltraSport       OS .46SF w/ Pipe  
Tower Hobbies Uproar   4 lbs. 0 oz. 6.0 OS 40FP  90+ mph with OS .46SF w/ tuned pipe
Accel Katana GS 70 59 in 5lbs. 7oz. 17.5 OS 70FS Surpass Best all around airplane ever with the Magnum XL 91FS
Model Tech P51-D 57 7lbs. 8oz. 28.2 OS .61FX  
Kalt 20 Baron
or Baron 20
43.5 in     OS .32 F-H 1982 Vintage Helicopter - no gyros back then
manual (9MB), plans (6MB)
Kyosho Nexus 30 49.25 in     OS .32 F-H 1998 Intermediate Sport Nitro
Manual (4MB), Supplement (10MB)

Model Airplane Kits & Plans:

Model wing span weight No. Channels Engine  Documentation
Top Flite Beechcraft Bonanza 8 ft
1/5 scale
14 lbs 6 1.20 FS User Manual Pt 1, User manual Part 2, addendum, parts list


Model Source Price      Documentation
FS50 Fish Scale Wal-Mart $18     User Manual
Optoglo II / OptoglowII DIY $20     Documentation (original article by Brent Dane, 1998)
ACE  R/C Servo Cycle DIY       Assembly Instructions (manual, wiring diagram, schematic)



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