Li‑Poly                                  SMART CHARGER 2500 MANUAL

Compact ‑ Reliable ‑ Intelligent ‑ SAFER


SMART CHARGER 2500 is intended for Li‑Poly battery only.

Please read this manual carefully and use correct way.


1. Features of the "SMART CHARGER 2500"

Newest Charger for 1 to 4 cells in series


Lithium Polymer in RC is a recent advance, and a very promising one. One of the restraints to wider adoption, however, has been the poor reliability of charging systems. But the technology for safe charging of these cells has just taken a major step forward with the introduction of these new chargers from Apache, in association with E‑Tec.


Other charger manufacturers have developed fully automatic detection for cell count to set charge voltage, but none of these systems have proven reliable. The result in many cases has been destroyed batteries, which is both costly and unsafe.


Apache looked at this problem and determined that the best possible system was a combination of manual setting by the user, plus an extremely sophisticated detection routine to check the voltage setting before charging begins. Using jumpers to set voltage and charge rate also insures that settings do not change inadvertently, as they can with chargers using rotary dials or software systems.


(Jumper Settings for Thunder Power 1320mAh - 3 cell pack)


We believe that the Apache SMART Charger line is the safest on the market today. In a recent test of the safety detection circuit they contain, more than 1000 improper combinations of battery and jumper settings were connected, and the chargers were 100% accurate in detecting these errors ‑ emitting a warning light and refusing to charge in each case. Human error is much more likely than charger error, and the Apache oversight circuit is highly recommended insurance for that rare case when your attention might wander for a moment.


2. Specification & Instructions

* Chargeable cell: 1 cell to 4 cells.

* In Put Voltage 10.5V ‑ 15V

* Charge voltage 4.2V per cell in series.

* Selectable out put voltage 3.7V (1 Cell), 7.4V (2 Cell), 11.1V (3 Cell), 14.8V (4 Cell)

* Selectable out put current 250mAh, 700mAh, 1200mAh, 1700mAh, 2000 mAh, 2500mAh

* Constant battery output voltage maintenance program included.

* Reverse polarity protection circuit included.

* LED display:

1. Green "POWER" LED On (Left side): Power On.



2. Reverse Polarity of input source: Green "Power" LED will not go "ON".

3. Reverse Polarity of output source: Red "CHG/ERR" LED "Flashes".

4. Short Circuit of output tab: Red "CHG/ERR" LED "Flashes"

(The result may destroy battery only.)

5. Incorrect cell count set by jumper: Red "CHG/ERR" LED "Flashes".

6. Incorrect voltage set by jumper: Red "CHG/ERR" LED "Flashes".



7. Charging Mode: Red "CHG/ERR" LED "ON".


8. 80% complete charging: Red "CHG/ERR" LED & Green "FULL" LED On


9. Completed Charging: Green "FULL" LED "ON".

At this moment, this battery is over 99% charged.

And it will be switched "Trickle Mode", you do not need to disconnect this.)


* Dimension: 105 mm x 56 mm x 16 mm


3. Cautions

1) SMART CHARGER 2500 is intended for Li‑Poly battery only.

(Please do not charge NiCd, NiMH or PB BATTERY.)

2) Charging Rate: 1C ‑ Max

3) Please do not use this charger in small case.

    Also, please stay away from burning material.

4) Please do not disassemble.

5) Please never exceed input voltage of 15V.