1. Specifications

A. Weight Range: FS30‑30 lb.(13 kg) ‑ FS50‑‑50 lb.(22 kg) n FS65‑65 lb.(30 kg) with I oz. (.01 kg)

weight increments

B. Battery: FS50‑(2) 3v CR2032 m FS30 & FS65‑(3) AAA

C. Measurement units: lb. & kg

D. Auto‑off after 240 seconds if no weight change or key stroke. Auto‑off will not work in

Memory Mode if a stored weight is being viewed on the screen.

2. Operating Instructions

A. Powering‑on the scale

1. Press and hold the POWER button for two seconds. Scale will perform a self‑test by displaying four 8s for three seconds. When "0.00 kg" or "0 lb 0 oz" is displayed on the screen, scale is zeroed‑out and ready for normal operation.

B. Normal Weighing

1. Hang fish on the attached hook. Weight is displayed in either kilograms or pounds and ounces.

C. Switching between unit weights

1. Press and hold the POWER and CHOOSE button simultaneously for three seconds. Unit will change from weighing pounds and ounces to kilograms and vice versa.

D. Taring Weights

1. Weigh a bag or container till its weight is steadily displayed on the screen.

2. Press the POWER button once. Scale will zero‑out and show "0.00 kg" or "0 lb 0 oz" and is ready for weighing multiple fish together.

E. Holding a weight

1. With the weight displayed on the screen, press the CHOOSE button. This will hold the current weight and is indicated by displaying an H to the left of the screen. To unlock the hold, simply press the POWER button.

F. Storing weights into memory

1. With a weight in the hold mode and an H displayed to the left of the screen, enter the memory mode by pressing the CHOOSE button. While in the memory mode, pressing the CHOOSE button will allow you to navigate through ten stored memories. These are indicated on the left and numbered 0 through 9. There are also 4 letters that indicate other options. An A shows the average of all stored weights. An E displays the total and a C resets the memory.

2. To store a weight, simply hold down the CHOOSE button for three seconds. Weights will automatically store into one of the number registers. To see the numbers with their weights, simply scroll through the numbers by pressing the CHOOSE button as described above.

G. Resetting the memory

1. With the unit in the C mode, press and hold the CHOOSE button for six seconds and scale will reset memory and zero‑out. Press the POWER button and scale is ready to begin weighing again.

H. Powering‑off manually

1. Press and hold the POWER button for 6 seconds

3. Messages


1. Power‑on self‑test memory error. Please change battery and try again


1. 25% lower scale's weight range


1. 125% over scale's weight range

D. Low Battery Indicator

1. Change the batteries