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2012-05-01 @ 8:53PM by moonlight - Nikon D70, 18mm focal length, F/3.5, 30sec.         
Venus Transit of the Sun - June 5, 2012 from San Diego, CA

What's New - Pics from Belize !   Detail Peñasquitos Weather 

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This is the home page for the Mark Lukens and Sonia Lukens in San Diego. You will find cool stuff about our children (Joshua Lukens and wife, Lauren (Benson) Lukens and Christina (Lukens) and husband, Marty Peterson, families (Barbara and David Lukens, Helen Johnson), extended family (Larry, Lelia Beth and Amelia Lukens, Rick Lukens & Karla Anderson, Mike, RiLen, Levi and Kathleen Lukens, Holly and Gary Boehme, Bryan Johnson, Eric, Christine and Rume Johnson), house, dogs (Black Jack and Scooter), RC airplanes, quilts,  our yard (Penasquitos weather station and webcam), travel and other hobbies.

Friends Web Pages: http://joshualukens.com, http://marklukens.net, http://sonialukens.com, http://christinalukens.com, http://richarddickerson.comhttp://lukenspetersonwedding.com

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