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San Diego Weather: Always sunny, usually in the 70’s.    
Possible early morning clouds clearing by late morning ...
Lukens' Convention 2005
Belated greetings and best wishes for
this new year - 2006. 2005 seemed to be
a particularly busy year with more than
the usual amount of high adventure
outings, sports, hobbies and family
happenings. 2006 finds us in good
health with an expanding family and
more news on every front. With the
wedding of Joshua and Lauren in
Party Wandered for 6 Days
In May, Sonia and Mark met brother
Rick and friend Karla for a week long
adventure in the wilderness of Ontario
Canada. We met in Minneapolis and
drove about 600 miles north to Red
Lake, Ontario only to load all of our
equipment (canoes included) onto a 60
year old WWII surplus float plane for
the final journey into Woodland
Caribou Provincial Park. There we
spent 6 days canoeing, fishing, canoeing,
camping, canoeing, cooking, and
canoeing. Over all, we paddled about
60 miles across many lakes and portaged
(carrying our equipment between lakes)
another 5 miles or so. The scenery was
phenomenal; bald eagles, virgin forests,
petroglyphs, and absolute isolation; we
saw no one from the time we left the
drop off point until the plane returned
for us 6 days later. Everyone who
fished pulled in multiple walleye and we
even ate a few of them. The trip was a
true adventure as the Spring weather in
northern Canada can be damp and cool.
At least we didn't have any mosquitoes.
See http://thelukens.net for more
details. Next big adventure ....
who knows, maybe Iran in 2007.
All lost in Midair Collision
Mark continues to build, fly and crash his
model airplanes with the help of his Dad,
David, and friend Richard Dickerson.
2005 was the year of the foamies - small,
electric powered, highly aerobatic planes
made from a 1/4” thick insulating foam.
Mark has even designed and built a few
originals. They build fast, fly great, and
repair easily, which is good as we use
them to learn wild aerobatics while close
to the ground, which usually wins when
they meet. Mark and Richard like their
planes to fly and land in tight formation
and their many mid-airs reflect just how
well they did that—the Boogie Man
(above) was the final casualty of 2005.
When It Rains, It Pours
After a record 182 days without rain, San
Diego nearly broke the record for the
rainiest season ever; we got over 22
inches of rain. The Lukens weather
station came online this past year. Mark
has a wireless link to his computer and
posts the latest weather and trends, along
with all kinds of family updates on his
web site (http://thelukens.net)
Mark passed the 25 year mark with his
employer, UGS. He is their director of
business and technical consulting group
supporting the high technology sector in
North America. The $1.2B company,
which continues to grow, provides
growth and new challenges for Mark each
News from the Home Front
Every year we hope that San Diego
elections will disappear from the
national spot light. Sonia worked all
three elections in 2005 and they all
proved to be headliners; with half the
city counsel indicted, the mayor
resigning, and another close election
forcing a run off to pick our next
victim… I mean mayor, we thought it
would never end.
Sonia spends a lot of time knitting (a
new interest), sewing and quilting. She
completed several beautiful projects this
year and gave many of these works of
love to friends and relatives. Her
inventory of future projects continues to
stemming any
fear of a
future fabric
Helen, keeps her pretty busy as she has
more hobbies than us; painting, her
social group, dog walking, gardening,
etc. Her paintings are quite good and
provide challenge and accomplishment
for her. We pray that a cure for her
Alzheimer’s disease will be found during
her life time. (see News page 2)
August, we had over 50 Lukens relatives
in San Diego (I think half of them
stayed at our house) and a great family
reunion. The reception was wonderful
and special as many of the Lukens and
Benson invitees found that they already
knew each other. (see Convention, pg.2)

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