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March 25-27, 2011 Desert Trip

March 4-6, 2011 Desert Trip

February 4-6, 2011 Desert trip

October 22nd - 24th, 2010 - Pictures from October trip (including full size landing)

Picture taken April 30th - May 2nd, 2010

Picture taken on March 27th, 2010


Picture taken on March 6th, 2010

There is lots of room for flying here but there are no facilities within 10 miles of our camping/flying site. You will need to bring all of your own food and water when camping at this site.  The closest thing to civilization is the ice cream truck that comes by sometimes.

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****************   Download Printable Driving Directions (in PDF format) ******************

Driving Directions to Superstition Mtn Flying Site:

Google Maps Aerial View of site

Drive east on I-8 for approx. 85 miles from the El Cajon area

Take the Dunaway Rd., turn left and go north ~1.6 miles

Turn right onto W. Evan Hewes Hwy (at tee intersection) and go east ~4.3 miles

Turn left onto Huff Rd (sign hidden by trees) and go north ~6.3 miles


Turn left on Wheeler Rd and follow road ~4 miles to turn off for our camp

There are plastic mile markers every .5 miles on both sides of Wheeler road

Look for the first one shortly after the end of the paved road (~2.5 miles).

You should see the Superstion Mountains OHV Area sign shortly after MM 2

When you reach 3.5 mile marker you need to turn left onto "established" dirt trail
It is within 150 feet (REALLY! it's way less than 1/10 mile) from marker 3.5

  if you don't see the trail !!!!
HINT: call me or George when you get to mile marker 3.5 (or anytime you like) and we’ll be able to guide you to the site.

Follow the dirt trail for ~.5 miles and then veer to the right onto a trail through the brush
Don't be tempted to turn too early - keep driving SW until you appear to be past our camp

Our preferred site is within 1500 feet and you should be able to see us.