I have been photographing since I was in elementary school.  When I got into high school I was more interested in the physics and optics of photography than content but have since developed a bit of an eye for composure and artistic effects.  I have done some astronomical photography with both digital camera and web-cam technology.  I have photographed most of the visible planets using my Meade ETX telescope.

I have been shooting with a Nikon D-70 for many years now and still love the camera despite the nearly 20,000 exposures and unavoidable wear and tear from years of high-adventure use.  My two favorite digital photography editing tools are Corel PaintShop Pro and Microsoft ICE.  PaintShop Pro has been around for many years and is definitely not a tool for the casual user.  MS ICE is a free program and can be used by anyone for compositing photos.  Below are some examples of my photos and editing experience.

pe07677_.wmf (15062 bytes)               

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