Our House

Barcelona Development – Cantoria Floorplan – 2001

A view from the front yard.  Our neighbor to the left is a 1/4 acre ecological preserve with our own private vernal pools; fairy shrimp, frogs, and whatever else lives in them.  They come alive every winter near the end of the rainy season.

Our kitchen, nook and family room are about 650 sq.ft. with a view out through the windows of the beautiful La Jolla valley.  On a clear day we can see the ocean and the Del Mar race track.  We get beautiful sunsets the year around.

We decided on desert landscape in the back yard, low maintenance and environmentally sensitive.  The side walks and sitting walls provide excellent locations to view the yard and valley.

A good look at the view Northwest from our back yard.  A fancy golf course and huge custom lots dot the foothills to our North.

Labor Day week was spent on the major home project of 2003, a 3-piece patio cover for our year old patio and spa.  Christina took a week off, to help Sonia and me do the bulk of the construction.  My dad and Joshua helped us also.

The shed was the next major outdoor project for the new house!

Then the vegetable garden which in season 2 is doing quite well.