Tower Hobbies Uproar 40 (1/03 - present) - And then there were none!

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These are a pair of Tower Hobbies Uproar 40's built from kits.  Richard built 1 1/2 of the air frames and I completed the second, installed engines, radios, linkages, and covered both airplanes.  They fly well, are very responsive, and do okay with the older O.S. 40FP engines.  A late upgrade to the boogy man (left) with a O.S. 46SF gives the Uproar almost vertical capability.  With the right prop I might still get there.

Update 2006: What goes around comes around, three years of living on the edge is bound to come to a tragic ending.  January 14th. was the last day for the Boogie Man!  While engaged in a spirited game of follow the leader over the canyon in Poway The Boogie Man took a dive.  With Mark at the stick, flying flat out, inverted, skimming the hill side just below the rim of the canyon, playing a hybid game of "Follow-the-Leader" and "Simon Says", Mark responded to a pull up command without the requisite "Simon says".  You might be able to image what happens when an Uproar goes into the chaparral and rocks at 65 mph from 5 feet above the ground.  Amazingly, the airframe was in considerably better condition than the reliable OS .40 FP; whose head hit an oblong rock and literally shattered (the engine, that is) into many pieces.  A replacement Uproar is on order from Tower Hobbies and should return to the fleet soon. 

A little JB Weld might breathe new life into this reliable engine someday ;-)


Update 2005: Following a spectacular mid-air collision at the Weed Whacker's home field in El Cajon, in which someone was reported to have exclaimed, "I called landing", both Uproars became entangled and fell to the ground.  The initial damage assessment indicated that the Checkered Flag was beyond repair and it was sent to the salvage yard.  The preliminary NTSB report is still pending due to irresolvable differences in the pilots' testimony and eye witness reports.  There is no denying though, the Boogie Man came out on top, both literally and figuratively - so to speak, and is back in the air.

The Boogie Man still flies but the checkered line's checker past has final caught up with it and the race is over.

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