Great Planes Ultra Sport 40  (12/94 - present)

Great Planes Ultra Sport 40 (ARF) w/ O.S. .46SF w/ tuned pipe swinging APC 10x8, and  Hobbico retractable landing gear.  The airplane is controlled using a Futaba Super 7 UHF transmitter with 2-6 mixing and flaperons.  With 15% nitro fuel it turns 14,400 RPM on the ground and recently has been clocked at 105 mph in straight level flight.  It flies inverted as well as right-side up and has reasonable vertical capabilities.  It went into service in January of 1995 and has survived well over 100 flights.  Key to that longevity was the fiberglass reinforcement to the wing center section during assembly as the Ultra Sport has a nasty habit of folding the wings during high G maneuvers.  I have moved the CG about a 1/2" behind the published limits which has improved the flight characteristics.