Hobby Shack Right Flyer 40T (7/92 - present)

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This is a 4th. generation rebuild of a classic, an original Hobby Shack Right Flyer 40T (circa 1992).  The first tangle with an unmovable object was a short approach over a block wall at the end of the runway at Whittier Narrows Dam County Recreational Area flying field.  A tangle with an embankment with my son at the controls resulted in the second major rework.  It was then rebuilt again after an awesome head-on mid-air collision with a Tower Trainer 40, that the RF lost.  With a completely new horizontal stab and significant sections of the wing rebuilt, this airplane is the best.  A recent (2003) upgrade from an O.S.40FP to a Magnum XL .61RFS made this airplane incredible.  It would easily tow 100" wingspan gliders and was capable of speeds in excess of 65 mph.  It was the short field wonder, easily taking off or landing in less than 40 ft.  It will shoot the best touch and go's and is perfectly happy flying 20 ft off the ground at an idle or full speed ahead.  The Right Flyer is also a capable tow plane for gliders up to 100" wingspan.  We have completed many successful tows with no damage to airplane or gliders though it can get a bit dicey without a positive release.  ADVICE: always tow with a light enough tow line that it will break with a few pounds of tension, good safety net.

The latest incident was the result of a light pole moving surreptitiously into the flight path while I wasn't paying close attention.
It will fly again!

Update: On December 27, 2003 the Right Flyer took to the air again.  It had a rough checkout/trim flight because of a hasty radio re-installation that resulted in a shifting servo tray.  That allowed the elevator and rudder trim to change significantly during flight.  Once corrected, the RF again proved the perfect beater platform.

This 900MHz color camera is soon to be deployed on the RF for reconnaissance missions.  The camera works remarkably well given the price of only about $60.  It has flown on the RF several times and was used to fly wingman for a Tower Trainer.  I have great video of in-flight takeoff, maneuvers and touch and goes.

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