Hobby Lobby Senior Telemaster (09/03 - present)  -  Video

This Hobby Lobby Senior Telemaster kit plane has been modified to resemble the L3 - Grasshopper, a military version of the Aeronca produced in the early 1940's.  The wing span was increased to 100 inches and the trademark elliptical wing tips and struts were added.  The flaps are definitely not scale but help slow the plane down to about 10 mph for landing. The empennage is completely redesigned to provide a sport-scale profile and plan view, again with the generous elliptical shapes and tapered horizontal stabilizer.

The fuselage was widened to accommodate a 35mm camera, bomb-drop, etc. and oversized wheels added for rough field take-offs and landings.  Power is supplied by an O.S. FS-91 Surpass II four stroke engine with fuel pump and stock exhaust, swinging a 15x6 wood propeller.  

The airplane is controlled by the new Futaba 6EXA with 8 servos for flight controls and a 9th servo controlling the bomb bay door.  The wing has four servos, one for each aileron and flap surface, with short direct linkages to each flight surface.  The built in (Futaba) 2-6 mixing enables the nasty nose-up tendency, with flaps down, to be eliminated so that smooth approaches are quick and easy.

  The fuselage has a 1/8" lite-ply doubler, that extends from nose to about 2" behind the wing, that provides significant strength and toughness to the plane.

The elevators use .095 steel pushrods and the rudder is controlled with a Sullivan (No. S521) pull-pull kevlar string system.  The ailerons, split elevators and rudder use the S3004 ball bearing servos.  The plane weighs in at 12 pounds (dry) and carries 16 ozs. of 12.5% glow fuel, which allows for very safe 15 minute flights.  Take offs are straight as an arrow and require less than 20 feet in still air.