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up Parent Directory 23-Nov-2013 20:35 - [IMG] 24 hr Salad.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:03 424k [IMG] All-bran Muffins.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:03 980k [TXT] Apple Sauce Oatmeal Bars.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:03 4k unknown BananaNut Muffin.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:03 24k [TXT] Bars of Iron.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:03 4k [IMG] Beefy Bean n Biscuit Casserrole.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:03 440k [IMG] Bonnie's Seasoning Salt.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:03 248k [IMG] Cake Brownies.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:03 556k [TXT] Chewy Exercise Bars.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:03 4k [TXT] Chewy Granola Bars.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:03 4k [IMG] Chicken & Dumplings.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:04 648k [IMG] Chili Con Carne.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:04 448k [IMG] Chocolate Kisses.gif 18-Aug-2007 02:14 1148k [IMG] Cinnamon Syrup.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:04 472k unknown Copy of blank recipe card.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:04 24k [IMG] Cowboy Stew.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:05 540k unknown Enchiladas - Carol's sauce.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:05 28k unknown Enchiladas - Mark's Chipotle Enchilada Sauce.doc 17-Aug-2007 01:37 28k unknown Enchiladas - Mark's Gringo style.doc 17-Aug-2007 01:38 24k unknown Enchiladas - Mark's Scratch Recipe.doc 17-Aug-2007 01:38 24k [IMG] Goolash.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:05 432k [IMG] Grandma's Harvest Pie.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:05 1060k unknown Hobee's Coffee Cake full text.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:05 52k unknown Hobee's Coffee Cake.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:05 24k unknown Key Lime Pie.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:05 24k [TXT] Low-Fat Honey Granola Bars.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:05 4k unknown LowFat BananaNut Muffin.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:05 24k [HTM] Lukens_Family_Recipes_MAIN.htm 17-Aug-2007 01:01 4k [IMG] Mark's Garden Salsa.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:05 180k unknown Molasses Cookies 1.doc 18-Aug-2007 02:30 24k unknown Molasses Cookies 2.doc 18-Aug-2007 02:30 24k [IMG] No Cook Chocolate Frosting.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:05 184k unknown No Fry Enchiladas.doc 18-Aug-2007 02:27 20k unknown Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:05 20k [IMG] Peanut Butter Chews #2.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:06 1556k [IMG] Peanut Butter Chews.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:06 1132k [IMG] Peanut Butter Drops.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:07 804k [TXT] Peanut Butter Wheat Crackers.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:07 4k [TXT] Pickled Green Tomatoes.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:07 4k [IMG] Pinkito Beans.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:07 252k unknown Posole.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 24k [IMG] Pretzels.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:07 1252k unknown Pumkin Cheesecake.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 24k unknown Pumpkin Cheesecake page.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 36k unknown Pumpkin Cookies.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 24k unknown Pumpkin Gingerbread Muffins.doc 11-Nov-2007 22:03 24k unknown Pumpkin Muffins.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 20k unknown Pumpkin Muffins2.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 32k unknown Pumpkin Paradise Pie.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 40k unknown Pumpkin Pie - Single Pie.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 24k unknown Pumpkin Pie - Two Pies.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 24k unknown RaisinBran Muffins.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:07 20k [HTM] Recipe_frame.htm 19-Oct-2007 01:27 4k unknown SPAM_0145.JPG 15-Aug-2007 17:08 1520k unknown SPAM_0146.JPG 15-Aug-2007 17:09 1540k unknown SPAM_0147.JPG 15-Aug-2007 17:09 1512k unknown SPAM_0147a.JPG 15-Aug-2007 17:09 628k [IMG] Serrano Salsa.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:07 480k unknown Skykine Chili Alternatives.doc 18-Aug-2007 02:05 32k unknown Skyline Chili.doc 18-Aug-2007 02:04 24k [IMG] Skyline Chili.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:08 916k [IMG] Sopapillas-1.gif 19-Oct-2007 01:14 184k [IMG] Sopapillas-2.gif 19-Oct-2007 01:14 180k unknown Sourdough Bread.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:08 28k [TXT] Sourdough Pancakes.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:08 4k unknown Southern Corn Bread.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:08 24k [IMG] Spare Ribs.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:10 544k unknown Wheat Germ Whole-Wheat pancakes (half).doc 15-Aug-2007 17:10 24k unknown Wheat Germ Whole-wheat pancakes (whole).doc 15-Aug-2007 17:10 24k unknown Whole Wheat Applesauce Muffins.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:10 20k [TXT] Whole Wheat Applesauce Muffins.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:10 4k unknown Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:10 24k [TXT] Whole-Wheat Apple Cookies 2.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:10 4k unknown Whole-Wheat Apple Cookies.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:10 24k [TXT] Whole-Wheat Apple Cookies.txt 15-Aug-2007 17:10 4k unknown Whole-Wheat Banana-Strawberry Muffins.doc 15-Aug-2007 17:10 24k [IMG] Zesty BBQ Sauce.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:10 444k [HTM] breakfast bars.htm 17-Aug-2007 01:01 36k [IMG] green Chili Enchiladas.gif 15-Aug-2007 17:05 488k [HTM] index.htm 19-Oct-2007 01:25 4k [HTM] marks_favorite_recipe_MAIN.htm 07-Dec-2005 22:14 4k [HTM] recipe_banner.htm 07-Dec-2005 22:15 4k [HTM] recipe_list.htm 19-Oct-2007 01:25 8k [HTM] recipe_list_old.htm 19-Oct-2007 01:25 4k unknown spiced_pecans.pdf 15-Aug-2007 17:10 60k

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