10 Easy steps for uploading photos to Mark’s web site!

 These instructions assume that you are running Windows XP - I have not verified them on other systems

1) Open up an explorer window (e.g., My Computer)

2) In place of the current Address, type in ftp://thelukens.net/ and then click  the “go” arrow

3) You will probably get an “FTP Folder Error” – THIS IS OKAY!

4) Go to the “File” menu and select “Login As …”

5) Enter the User Name:  powayflyers@thelukens.net

6) Enter the Password:  desert2009

The following folder should now be visible in your Explorer window.

7) Double-click on the March_Desert_Pics folder and you will see a few folders.

8) Double click on the one you want to upload to or create a new folder.

9) Now you can simply “drag and drop” your photos/videos into the folder.

10) When you are done uploading photos simply close the ftp window to my website.


Please email me at: malukens@yahoo.com if you have any problems.

Last Updated on: 03/10/2009 09:37 PM