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                              Karla & Rick                                                           Sonia & Mark

Quest - 80 km of lakes and rivers in Woodland Caribou Provencial Park

The route we would plan for you will be to fly into Wrist lake and then we would plan that you are able to see at least two different pictograph sites, a cave that you can actually paddle into along with rugged cliffs on lake shores, waterfalls etc... the scenery will be something that you will be highly impressed with. The fishing will also be great, Lake Trout will be near surface, Walleye will be in about 7 feet of water along with Northern Pike. Plan on several meals of fish.

The route we have in mind will have about 19 portages for the entire route with the longest portage being 425 meters. There should be extremely few people along this route if you see anyone at all. You will fly in Monday morning to Wrist lake where you will fish, explore and relax on you first day. Tuesday you will paddle about 15 kilometres to South Aegean Lake, fish along the way, explore the cave on the north side of Aegean Lake , view the pictographs on South Aegean lake. Wednesday you will paddle about 15 kilometres to Paull Lake, fish, view pictographs on Paull Lake. Thursday will be a lay over day and you may want to take a side trip north of Paull Lake. This route is outlined in blue. Friday you will paddle to Leano Lake and camp on Leano for a Pick up Saturday at 12:00 P.M.(noon).